Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundary (Resonant Sand Desert)

This is a boundary between the desert and the non- desert ( is there a word for it?)

This is as far as horses and cars can go; as far as trees and grass can establish.

As far as rivers will run.DSCF2241

Beyond this, the sand dunes start; when the wind blows, it sings as the sand shifts.

That’s why they call it Resonant Sand Desert.

It is in Inner Mongolia, China.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (in the Desert)

Believe me, this is not a made up or composite photo.

We were travelling in Inner Mongolia; in the Resonant Sand Desert.DSCF2246

I love the clouds, the sand dunes and more than anything else, the yellow umbrella that appeared so inviting under the hot desert sun.

Umbrellas in the Desert

How to get away from the scorching heat in the desert? We saw this line of umbrellas in Resonant Sand desert, Inner Mongolia, China.DSCF2264 These umbrellas, which provided shades,  lead us to the top of sand dunes where they have sand carvings. The umbrellas offer a spectacular sight, especially in B&W! They make the setting somewhat surreal.