The Streets and Alleys of Baltic (1)

I will be doing a series on streets and alleys of the Baltic countries.

I have been to all the Baltic capitals which includes visiting of some of the UNESCO Heritage sites like

Vilinus, Riga, Tallin etc.

What I found most interesting are the alleys and the streets which all have their own characteristics.DSC_0154

I am not able to tell you exactly where those alleys and streets are; in my simple mind, they are my memorable parts of the Baltic.

I like the cobblestones, the quaint street, the colored walls on both sides of the alleys, the cafes along or encroached onto the roads, the crude masonry wall facing and last, but not the least, the friendly people.

They leave an undeletable part in my memory!

The Riga Picture

There are many beautiful spots in Riga, Latvia.

Instead of visiting the more touristy areas,  I love wandering the back alleys of this capital which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is one of the best pictures I have taken in Riga.

I like how the light has penetrated the alley and to make this picture more perfect, there was a cat wandering in the alley too.DSC_0140

I have an almost exactly the same photo, but without the cat there.

To tell you the truth, this one is better.