Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror ( Risturin Garden 2 )

If you like my post of yesterday then you probably like this one as well.

Again, it is a picture taken in the Ritsurin Garden, Shinkoku after a heavy down pour.cimg5549

This helped to dispel any dust particle in the air and resulted in a clear image.

The reflection in the lake is again fascinating!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror ( Ritsurin Garden )

There are no themes for this week’s photo challenge, so I am going back to the challenge of Mirror.

It was a sheer joy walking in the Ritsurin Garden in Shinkoku after the heavy rain.dscf0419

The garden is carefully planned and plants manicured.

The reflection of the landscape in the garden lake was just perfect.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic (Ritsurin Garden)

Green is my colour.

Here is a picture taken in the Ritsurin Garden, Shinkoku, Japan.CIMG5540

The tree branches were dripping down to the lake.

The picture was taken after heavy rain which stirred up the lake water.

The picture was basically in different shades of green.