Naked Man To Jump From Roof ?

Here are two photos of a naked man on the roof top.

They are in fact sculptures on the roof top. The photos were taken yesterday in the premise of the Asia Society Center, Hong Kong.IMG_1511

The South China Morning Posts reported that :

The “Naked Man” sculptures by a world famous artist mounted on the rooftop of buildings in Central Hong Kong have sparked calls to the police from citizens who mistook them for suicide attempts.IMG_1509

The 31 life-sized sculptures by UK artist Antony Gormley, part of the public art installation Event Horizon, confused some passers-by who thought they were witnessing someone about to jump off a building – the most common way of committing suicide in Hong Kong.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate ( Ancestral Hall )

All Chinese ancestral halls are ornate, but not excessively so.

This picture was taken at a quiet corner of the ancestral hall at Lung Yeuk Tau, New Territories in Hong Kong.DSCF0442

I like all the decorations of the roof; the only thing I have reservation is the black wall tiling.

For most ancestral halls, the walls are made of “green bricks”. Maybe, they are no longer available, they are now replaced by the black tiled walls. What a pity!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate (Ceiling)

This picture speaks for itself.

The roof is one of the very ornate ones which I have ever seen.DSCF6255A

The picture was taken in a temple dedicated to general Yuefei, while stopping by various places in my cruise trip on the Three Gorges.

A general who fought the Jin barbarians only to be recalled back by the emperor and finally executed.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate (Temple)

My last post shows how Ornate churches in Europe can be.

Many temples in the Orient are also ornate.

Here is the roof of the Wong Tai Sin temple in Hong Kong.CIMG7540

See the animals on the roof; each animal has a meaning ( but don’t ask me what they represent as I don’t know the answer).

This also reminds me the gargoyles and other features in European churches.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge (Architecture)

<This post contains 2 photos>

Repetitive architectural patterns usually appear as convergence when viewing the whole length.CIMG3479

The first picture was taken at the Cultural Center of Hong Kong. There is a line of inclined struts at the ground level. The picture was taken underneath the struts.DSC_0184

The second picture was taken at the aquarium at Okinawa, Japan.

The roof has a repetitive pattern of triangular arches; again they appear as converging at a distance.

Please enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top (of Hong Kong Buildings)

It is amazing to see what is On Top.

This is what you find on top of Hong Kong residential high rises.CIMG3431

Grass, swimming pools of various sizes, water features, rest areas, trellis, planters with plants, sun bath chairs.

Also, fans for cooling water system etc.

On commercial high rises, there is a different view.CIMG3632

You have antennas and satellite dishes, devices for lifting gondolas for cleaning and maintenance of external walls etc.

For some of buildings, we cannot even see what is on top.CIMG3630