Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale ( Mountain and Hut)

Mountains loom large in many people’s mind. I used to think of them being majestic, mysterious and sometimes even sacred. In my travels, sometimes, the best scenery are the ones that I miss while travelling in a car or a coach.

When there is no way you can stop and take a picture; may be because it is a single lane road with many cars behind you and /or there are no places to stop.

Perhaps, this is just like the river of life, the best view are those you see on the road. ……… life just goes on and on and cannot be stopped somewhere in between.DSC_0192 But this does not deter me from taking pictures while the car / coach are moving, while risking the fact that objects in the forefront may look blur when the images come out.

While travelling in Yunnan, high up in a mountainous area where even taller mountains appeared before my eyes, I took several images while the coach was on the move. More than half of the images came out alright; some of them suffered from the glare reflecting from the coach window.

I like the way the clouds have come down in an almost triangular shape, hiding parts of the mountain but leaving the peaks exposed. I also like the several distinct bands of colors of the mountain, the land etc. I just couldn’t forget the lonely and dreamy house there too and the feeling that this couldn’t be China – this could just be anywhere in the world ( or out of this world)!

The Golden Temple at Mount Emei, China

We were high up on one of China’s four sacred Buddhist mountains  – Mount Emei (峨眉山) which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

It  is located in Sichuan Basin (四川盆地), to the west of Emeishan City (峨眉山市) and Leshan City (乐山市).

Mount Emei gets the name because its curvy mountain profile which resembles a girl’s curvy eyebrow; although some said this is unrelated.

The highest peak is approximately 3,099 meters above the sea level. The patron bodhisattva of Emei is Samantabhadra, also known as Puxian (普贤大佛) in Chinese.

Here up in the mountain, we were surrounded by a heavy mist.009

The mist was so heavy that I could only see, maybe, twenty feet in front of me.

Among the mist, I could see part of the Jinding Temple ( golden temple), but the roof just disappeared into the mist.

Obviously, I didn’t take many photos as the mist meant that many  features could not be seen.