Waterfalls ( Big vs Small)

Here are two photos , both of which show waterfalls.

One was taken at the Niagara fall, the water was crashing down in all its mighty.1275803_1384422941789507_1141519837_o

A boat full of visitors was edging towards the waterfall while a rainbow appears to the left. The picture was taken by my classmate KC Ching.DSCF2943A

The second picture was taken by me at the Nine Dragons Group of Waterfalls in Yunnan, China.

The pictures are in dialogue, speaking to each other – with a similar theme but at a different scale.

Instead of a motorized boat, the second picture shows a small sampan being maneuvered near to misty waterfall.

Please enjoy 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle ( Lone Fisherman at Sea)

The Old Man and the Sea?

Not sure, but this is a picture taken by my classmate (YM Chan) of a fisherman in traditional hat fishing on a sampan.10497386_896122327071575_3328287306884987397_o

The sea was sparkling – there were twinklings reflected from the sea.