Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration ( Sanqing Shan)

The source of my inspiration is from the nature.

It could be mountains, sea, rivers, clouds, waterfalls etc.

One of my recent inspirational moments is hiking to the top of Sanqing Shan, China.DSCF0966

This photo was captured when hiking up on the trails near to the top of the mountain when clouds came looming over and the area was darkened.

Sanqing Shan (18) – Putting in Perspective

Sometimes, it is difficult to know the scale of things without anything to gauge or compare.

Here is a picture that I have captured on my hiking, while admiring at the buttress form of the mountain rocks and the plants and trees that have overgrown on them.DSCF0961

On the left upper corner, there is a trial supported on beams socketted into rocks. Hikers are walking on it.

From this, we can appreciate the scale of the mountain features!


SanQing Shan (17) – Flowers and Butterfly

It wasn’t the season for flowers when we were up on the mountains.

But still there were some white flowers on the mountain.DSCF0903

Luckily, we also saw a beautiful golden butterfly with spots resting on the flowers.

On either side, were bamboo leaves.