Weekly Photo Challenge; Shadowed ( Sculpture at Geneva)

Here is my last and belated entry on Shadowed.

Strolling around the city of Geneva, my eyes were caught by this sculpture in the shade.DSCF1149

Not only the sculpture was shadowed, the masonry wall next to it appears undulating due to the shadow.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

This week, I am running pretty late for submitting entries for the WPC: Work of Art.

Here are two pieces of art –  both wood sculptures by my favorite artist Ju Ming.DSCF0042

It appears that the artist has retained a lot of the original trees; minimum sculpturing to give us these wonderful sculptures.

The first sculpture is for a couple lying on the ground.

The second one is a vertical one, representing a seated girl.DSCF0031

Since 2007, Ju Ming only painted his sculptures with white color only.

Please enjoy 🙂