The Maple and the Palace in my Seoul

Deoksugung Palace in Seoul is unique among Korean palaces in having a modern seal engraving and a western style garden and fountain.DSCF3476

Strolling in the garden this time three years ago during Autumn, what touched my soul was not the palace nor the fountain.

It was the maple!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Walls (South Korea)

I have three walls here, photos of which were all taken in Seoul, South Korea.DSCF3502

We were there at the “right time when foliage has changed their colors.DSCF3490

While the main subjects of these photos are on walls, the Autumn foliage does make a contribution to the quality of the pictures.DSCF3486

Please enjoy:-)


My Red Seoul

As I will be travelling, there will be no more postings for the rest of the week!

Last Autumn, after travelling round the country chasing color foliage,  our last stop in 0ur South Korea trip was Seoul.

Apart from some of the ancient architecture we saw in the capital, we were delighted to see that some bold colors were used in shops and in buildings.DSCF3553

I especially like this shop front in red color. It matches very well with the clothing they showed in the shop window. The bicycle parked by the door also gave a leisurely feeling.DSCF3520

Here is another shop with the use of bold colors, the three colors seem to match quite well. I like the way they have arranged the façade too.

We have seen the ancient temple and palaces in Seoul, but we were equally impressed with the modernity we found in the capital. . . . . . not forgetting the red foliage too!DSCF3315


Travel Theme: Wood

Last Autumn, I found this Wood outside a café by the side of a busy road in Seoul, capital of South Korea.

It was a bit of strange to find this strangely shaped wood at such a location.DSCF3558

The picture was taken with the focus aimed at the wood, but the wood is nothing without the green foliage on the left and the red foliage ( out of focus) on the top.

DSCF2153As a comparison, the second image  is a tree stump that we came across in Inner Mongolia, China. It is said to be over 1,000 years old. Without any foliage as in the first picture to give it an artistic feel, with only a red wall as background, there is a lot less artistic quality in the picture.

Autumn in Deoksugung Palace, Seoul

Autumn has gone but memories of our trip to South Korea still linger.DSCF3455

When we reached the Deoksugung palace in Seoul, there was a changing of the guards. Although it was not as spectacular as the changing of the guards at the Tower of London, nevertheless, it attracted  big crowds of spectators.DSCF3469

Deoksugung is a walled compound of palaces in Seoul that was inhabited by  royalties  around the turn of the 20th century.DSCF3471

The buildings are of varying construction, including some of natural crytomeria wood, painted wood, and stucco.DSCF3470

The palace buildings are impressive. We have a good look around the area.DSCF3485

Autumn was in the air; trees were changing their color.DSCF3458

There was a spectrum of colors in the fall foliage; from green, yellow, gold and even red.DSCF3459

Beautiful views were every where. The fall foliage looked particularly colorful when viewed against the palace walls.DSCF3490

While many of the foliage were gold or still green, some have already changed to red.DSCF3477

We have a delightful stroll within the palace; passing by a pond, before finishing off our walk.DSCF3487

Understand that there are five palaces in Seoul. I did not have the opportunity to visit the other four palaces, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the colors of Autumn at Deoksugung!

Seoul – Before and After Dark

Seoul, no doubt, formed an interesting part of our trip to South Korea.

In our hour’s stay near N Seoul tower, overlooking Seoul, there was quite a change in scenery before and after dark.DSCF3514

I like the scenery after dark; the capital was sparkling with lights when viewed between the Autumn trees  in silhouette.DSCF3505

Going back in time by an hour, when there was just sufficient light to see the fall foliage in colors, the view was somewhat different.

The views of fall foliage with the city as background were just enticing. What a difference an hour made!