The Impressions of Autumn (24)

Two years ago, I have a series known as The Impressions of Autumn.

I don’t think I have showcased all the photos.

This is a continuation of the series.003a

The picture was taken in Hokkaido, Japan during Autumn.

The picture was taken by the lake side over viewing the color foliage on the other side .

There is a lot of serenity in the area.

The scene is peaceful and relaxing!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony ( Waterfall )

Waterfalls are one of my favorite subjects.

While I am impressed by those mighty falls which look so powerful with their roaring sound; I am all the more at peace with those small ones too.058A

Here is a picture of a waterfall taken at JiuZhaiGou. It looks so silky and serene and integrates so well with the green environment.

Please enjoy!