Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day (Ritsurin Garden 2)

I think I have said too many times that my one day tour in Riturin Garden, Shikoku was a very good day.

I have enjoyed everything I saw there, from lotus flowers to strangely shaped trees, streams to Monet type footbridge, watching kois and even tea tasting in a tea house there.DSCF0406

I have shown many photos of the garden in my various posts; but there are still photos which I have not shown but I would like to share.DSCF0419

Here are some of those.CIMG5562

The first one is in fact a panoramic view of the garden, which I have pieced together using two photos.

The other ones would reinforce one’s perception of the serenity of the garden.DSCF0422

Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day (Ritsurin Garden)

It wasn’t a good day in terms of weather; as it has been raining cats and dogs.

However, we did have a good day in the Ritsurin Garden, Shikoku, Japan.

Watching lotus, artistically twisted and trimmed trees, a Japanese style bridge which resembles the Monet footbridge, have Japanese tea tasting etc.CIMG5532

All in all, it was a good day.

I like the lotus flowers most, although they were shattered by the heavy down pour.

For those who are interested in the garden, please see my other posts.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Under Your Feet ( Stepping Stones)

This week’s DP challenge is Under Your Feet.

Last year, when we visited the Ritsurin garden Shikoku in Japan the rain was pouring.

While stumbling around in the park, we came across a small stream.CIMG5567

On a dry day, you just walk across by stepping on the stones.

On that day, we have to immerse part of our shoes in water to step on the stones.

I am sure that the stones were just randomly placed in the river, but to me, they looked like a work of Art!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds ( at Shikoku)

Those who have been following me know that I love Trees.

Here is another photo which follows the Rule of the Thirds.DSCF0409

I am sure it wouldn’t look so interesting if the tree is captured right in the middle of the picture.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity (at Shikoku)

<This post contains 2 photos>

Common elements in my posts consist of trees, water, reflection, a sense of tranquility.CIMG5534

All these contribute to serenity – leading to inner peace.

Here are two photos taken last year in Shikoku, Japan.DSCF0419

They are my ideal illustration of serenity.

Please enjoy 🙂

Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island, Japan

Just back from a trip to Shikoku in Japan, after a long delay in the incoming flight.

This post is intentionally short so as to allow me to catch up with matters which have arisen during my trip.DSCF0356

The picture shows part of the Itsukushima Shrine – the part which looks like a portal in water.

This is located in Miyajima Island which has been worshipped as a divine island since ancient times.