Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror ( Risturin Garden 2 )

If you like my post of yesterday then you probably like this one as well.

Again, it is a picture taken in the Ritsurin Garden, Shinkoku after a heavy down pour.cimg5549

This helped to dispel any dust particle in the air and resulted in a clear image.

The reflection in the lake is again fascinating!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror ( Japanese Footbridge )

This week’s photo challenge is Mirror.

It was a delight to walk across this Japanese footbridge in the gardens of Shinkoku, Japan.cimg5568

The environment was quiet and pleasant, the air was crispy clean and the water below was serene.

The reflection of the footbridge in the water and the koi swimming slowly in the water were just timeless . . . . . . . . . . . .


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic (Ritsurin Garden)

Green is my colour.

Here is a picture taken in the Ritsurin Garden, Shinkoku, Japan.CIMG5540

The tree branches were dripping down to the lake.

The picture was taken after heavy rain which stirred up the lake water.

The picture was basically in different shades of green.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected ( Shinkoku)

Up on a hill we saw this panoramic view while in Shinkoku.

In the foreground is a suspension bridge. The structures run for miles and miles, connecting many islands, almost stretching to infinity.DSCF0390

The type of structures also change from suspension bridge to cable stayed bridges.

It is a big engineering feat and connects so many places and people!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

<This post contains 2 photos>

This week’s theme is Express Yourself – problem is that I have been very busy lately so that I did not have any chance to express myself as good as I would have like in the blog.

The first picture was taken in the Towel Museum of Shinkoku.CIMG5490

The violinist is expressing himself with his skills.

In fact, the figure is made of towels – the museum is expressing an art which they are capable of doing using their materials for towels.

I took this picture trying to express how a small show piece can be like given the lighting condition.CIMG5483

The second picture was taken in the same trip when we first landed at an airport not far from Shinkoku, Japan.

We were happy to see that a female artist was playing a musical instrument which is like the Chinese instrument GuZheng – an instrument that my wife has been playing for years.

This artist does have a lot of talent when expressing herself with the instrument.