My Red Seoul

As I will be travelling, there will be no more postings for the rest of the week!

Last Autumn, after travelling round the country chasing color foliage,  our last stop in 0ur South Korea trip was Seoul.

Apart from some of the ancient architecture we saw in the capital, we were delighted to see that some bold colors were used in shops and in buildings.DSCF3553

I especially like this shop front in red color. It matches very well with the clothing they showed in the shop window. The bicycle parked by the door also gave a leisurely feeling.DSCF3520

Here is another shop with the use of bold colors, the three colors seem to match quite well. I like the way they have arranged the façade too.

We have seen the ancient temple and palaces in Seoul, but we were equally impressed with the modernity we found in the capital. . . . . . not forgetting the red foliage too!DSCF3315