Weekly Photo Challenge: (Neon) Sign

This is something unique in Hong Kong.

Neon signs everywhere jutting out onto the streets.

Different colors, designs, some vertical, some horizontal, some straight, some curved – all bright and lit up during the night.2667919810_dce8d9b353_oA

Most of them are written in Chinese – only readable by those who know the language.

Neon signs used to be associated with vibrancy. Of course, we are a vibrant city – a city that never sleeps!

PS Photo the courtesy of my friend CP Chan.

The Dog that Lives on the Fishing Raft: Sign

This Daily Press ‘s challenge for this week is Sign.

Here is a photo for both the Dor Dor series and this week’s challenge.2613790058_3e4e7976d4_o

Mounted up alongside the road is a big sign with Dor Dor’s portrait

On the sign is also written the words Have a Smile.

So, let’s smile, for Dor Dor 🙂

PS Photo the courtesy of my friend CP. This is a composite picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

The Challenge for this week is “The Sign Says”

We were strolling the streets in the city of ChongQing, China, remarking at how new and tall the buildings were.

The only prominent and visible sign was that of a global chain restaurant who claims to have 34,000 restaurants in over  100+ countries.DSCF6310

The sign reminded me of  the changing eating habits in China  which have brought new health problems to the world’s most populous nation, as the country’s economic boom allowed millions of people to add more meat and processed foods into their diets.

In a matter of less than two generations, China has gone from insufficiency of food (for instance, during the Cultural Revolution)  to almost gluttony. This has contributed to obesity, obstructive sleep apnea, higher  Body Mass Index etc. in the population.

To me, the sign says we must eat healthily, have enough physical exercise, manage our stresses, be at peace with ourselves / outside world and adopt a positive attitude.

The Sign is clear 🙂