Weekly Photo Challenge; Half and Half (Angkor)

This week’s photo challenge theme is Close Up photography.

As one who doesn’t take almost any macro photos, I will continue with the theme of the previous DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half.DSC_0362

The picture was taken at Angkor Wat.

Perhaps, this is so well known and wouldn’t need any introduction.

Please enjoy!

Travel Theme: Mystical

Mystical is the theme for this week at Where’s my backpack?

Some of the mystical scenes that I have seen were high up in the mountains of Zhang Jia Jie, China where the mist is thick.

The mist is so thick and the mountains are so strangely shaped that they look almost surreal.

Even the leaves look mystical in the heavy mist.; the silhouette is just eerie.

Some limestone columns look as if they are floating in the air. What seems more mystical is how some trees can survive at the top of these columns.

Is this mystical or just “mistical” ? . . . . . . . . . . . . .