Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind ( New York 2 )

I am always fascinated by the skyline of New York city.

My mind is switched off completely to NY when I look at the skyline.New York 2

Here is a one of my favorite photos of NY skyline, seeing NYC from afar.

Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge : Vibrant ( City )

Hong Kong must be one of the most vibrant cities.

The waves in the harbor was a bit choppy when I took the photo.DSCF2047A

We have carried out a bit too much land reclamation, narrowing the harbor.

Waves set up by ship wash or wind just got bounced back and forth in the harbor.

Together with the city lights, they form a Vibrant picture.

Night and Day, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I like the few lines in the song New York, New York:

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,
Come on come through, New York, New York.

As one who was born and now based in Hong Kong, I particularly like the skyline of Hong Kong.DSCF2041

If you don’t mind, maybe, I would change the lyrics to:

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,
Come on come through, Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

The night view of the skyline of Hong Kong is fascinating.DSCF2021

Originally, I was thinking of participating in this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Light with the night picture. But, on going through my archive, I would like to show the loveliness of the skyline in both night-time and day time.

Many of us are familiar with the night-time view, with the sparkling light emitting from the buildings; but the skyline with cloudy sky in the day time is also captivating.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong!