Clouds over Lake Wanaka

Clouds have always been my favorite theme.

The sun was setting over Lake Wanaka in South Island, New Zealand.IMG_1152A

Beautiful clouds loomed over the mountains which were still topped with snow at this time of the year.

The picture was taken by my wife with a smartphone.


Milford Sound ( On a Cloudy Day)

Just wonder whether Milford Sound has always been cloudy.IMG_0051

Maybe, the only question is whether it is overcast, partially covered, dark clouds on a rainy day  or white clouds on a good day.

Moody picture taken by my wife who is still travelling in New Zealand.


Milford Track ( Flora and Fauna)

I never know much about flora and fauna.IMG_0002

In my retirement, I have taken a couple of talks in identifying local tree species but I am still a dummy on flora and fauna.IMG_0018

I am fascinated by some of the photos on flora and fauna taken by my wife in the Milford Track.IMG_0024

They are nothing like what I have seen elsewhere.IMG_0035

Here are some of them for sharing!IMG_0032

I think I need to research into these.IMG_0042

Wanaka Still

I like pictures with clouds – they lead my thoughts far and wild.

Here is a picture with stunning clouds; taken by my wife at Wanaka.IMG_1155

The wind was blowing very strong; creating ripples in the water.

Not only that, the sand on the right was blown up, creating heaps on the shore.

What a view!