Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( Mist in the Harbor )

This is not a monochromatic picture.

It was taken earlier this year with a smart phone when the mist was heavy.

The view is one of Tolo Harbor in the New Territories, Hong Kong.img_1671

Fabulous clouds, layers of mountains as backdrop.

In the foreground are faint outline of high rises.

In the foremost are some fishing boats and sampans.

If you look at the left bottom corner, you will see a bit of the edge of the shore in a different color.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons ( Annecy in Spring )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Seasons.

We had a good walk around the gardens at Annecy, France.DSCF1020A

Here are a couple of causal pictures which were taken during Spring.

They show how lovely Annecy can be around that time.DSCF1017A

Please enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons ( Color of Spring )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Seasons.

Yellow is my favorite color for ushering in Spring.CIMG3088

It signifies hope and live.

The top photo was taken when we were on our way in Luoping, Yunnan in China.DSCF2766

The second photo, which I reckon is more beautiful, was taken in XiangShan, Beijing in China.

The yellow chrysanthemum were more randomly arranged, they were dancing to welcome Spring!DSCF3146

Lastly, but not the least, the photo of Canola or Rapeseed flowers were taken in Luoping, China in early Spring.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant ( Peach Blossom 2 )

My last post focused on a few peach flowers.

Here is the bigger picture .. . . . . I am beginning to see the trees.DSCF2815A

They look so vibrant and full of life.

In the Lunar Calendar, today is the actually the start of Spring.DSCF2807A

These blossoms bring so much hope to me and my family!

PS The pictures were taken in Luoping, Yunnan in China during Spring.


The Death of a Butterfly

A few days ago, I still saw you flying around and fluttering near my window pane.

Now you are dead and lying on the concrete pavement.IMG_1122

I walked past and almost stepped on you.

How can something be so alive and now dead as a doornail.

I know Winter is near.

Maybe, I will see you again in Spring.

Bird and Kapok (1)

Spring has come early this year.

With Spring here, many flowers are blossoming, which also attracted a lot of birds.

Here is one sitting among the Kapok flowers.002 (3)

The photo was taken by my calligraphy classmate Mr. Chung Kwok Fan.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird(s and Kapok)

< 2 photos>

Sometimes, one post lead to another.

My yesterday post showed a bird among the cherry blossoms.

This one shows two lovely birds with Kapok in Hong Kong as background.001 (3)

It was early Spring and the buds of Kapok have not even bloomed.

Picture the credit of my calligraphy classmate Mr. Chung Kwok Fan.

I am not too sure I like the composition of the original picture and have therefore cropped it so that it shows less of the Kapok.001 (4)

I fully understand even the original picture is very difficult to be taken, as this requires a lot of skill and patience.