Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest ( for Happiness )

This week’s photo challenge is Quest.

The theme is quite abstract and not one which is easy to respond to.cimg3142

All of us are looking for happiness, or at least, would not like to be unhappy.

While travelling in Yunnan, I came across these big open statues of the Buddha.dscf2877a

He has a smiling face.

He has the wisdom to be happy.

You can’t find happiness by looking for it, although this is our quest.

The Statutes and The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, Macau

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Macau was a place that I would visit when I feel stressed with work.

The last twenty years, however, have seen so much changes in Macau – it becomes a place so filled with tourists and gamblers.DSCF0778

To say the truth, I have been avoiding to visit Macau because of the crowds and the gamblers.DSCF0779

But the show The House of Dancing Water was so good that I won’t like missing out, that was my main recent for travelling to Macau this week.DSCF0766

Here are a few snap shots of the statutes and the ruins of the cathedral.

Fascinated with  the statutes with the girl holding a lotus in her hand and handing it over to the boy with the ruins behind it!



Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreign (4)

Dazhao Temple, ‘Wuliang Si (Infinite Temple)’ in Chinese, is the oldest building and the largest temple in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. The construction of the temple was completed in 1580 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and it is therefore the oldest Lamaist Buddhist temple in Inner Mongolia.

Inside the temple, we came across several statues, representing the gods. They look very “foreign” to us. One of these in vivid colors, which we totally cannot relate to is shown above . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  ..