The Angkor Wat Picture

It is rather difficult to find one picture which represents the impressions of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

The giant fig tree with their roots and the four faced stone statutes immediately come to mind.DSC_0181A

However, I rather like this picture which highlight the underlying story behind . . . . . . .  the green and lush forest taking over the temple leaving it “undiscovered” for centuries.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth ( Angkor Wat)

<This post contains two photos>

Here are two photos – one showing depth in the vertical direction while the second one shows it in the horizontal direction.

However, both were taken at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.DSC_0249

The first one was taken inside the temple , looking upwards to the sky.

The photo shows the stone construction of a light well with the masonry of a rough texture.DSC_0279

The second one shows a series of doorways leading from one chamber to another.

Please enjoy 🙂


Images from Angkor Wat (3)

<This post contains 2 photos> Here are two images which show trees growing close to stone structures in Angkor Wat.DSC_0183 Some of the trees are tilted and inclined at a considerable angle.DSC_0184 Understand trees like these will be removed for fear that they may topple and affect the integrity of the stone structures.