Greenland in Summer

It’s delightful to be in Greenland during Summertime.

It is a land of colors – putting aside the icebergs and the glaciers for the time being.

The colorful ground cover and the distant snowy mountains make for a beautiful painting.

Photo taken by my wife Linda.


Waterfalls in Iceland

Waterfalls are a favorite theme in my blog.

No two waterfalls are identical.

Even with the same waterfall, it will look different with the time of the year, or even with the time of the day.

However, they have the same mesmerizing effects.

This is a waterfall in Iceland during Summer.

Photo taken by my wife Linda.

Summer is NOT yet over

Where we base in the subtropics, Summer is definitely not yet over.

The daily maximum temperature is still hovering around 30 degrees Celsius.11037316_1054738214543318_7666546475893478235_n

If it is not raining, it is still hot.

See how children play in the park, amidst the water!



Sapporo : Winter and Summer

< 2 Photos>

I like comparing and contrasting between pictures.

Here are two pictures taken at Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan.

Both were taken by the waterway and have similar backgrounds.422556_406555219361624_185482759_n

The Winter scene was taken by my classmate YM Chan.

Whereas, the Summer one was taken by me.014

I dislike touring around during Winters, so have never been to Sapporo when it was snowing.

However, I must admit that the Winter one is more interesting and moody!