weekly Photo Challenge: Morning ( Sunrise at Langkawi )

This was the first picture I took when I hastily come out of bed.

The sun has just risen above the distant hill.DSC_0385A

Everything else was still somewhat dark and monochromatic.

It promised another hot day was coming.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Birds

< 2 photos >

I have two photos here which separately shows an early bird early in the morning.

Both photos have seascapes; both show the bird at a very small scale.11150462_1075699095780563_512454140535922887_n

You will need to have sharp eyes to see them.

The first photo was taken locally by my classmate YM Chan in the golden hour before sunrise.CIMG3671

The second photo was taken by me at a river estuary near Luk Keng when the sun has just risen and the egret was looking for its breakfast.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird ( at the Beach)

It was such a magical moment to be alone on the beach when the sun has just risen above the horizon.

It marks the beginning of a brand new day.

Thanks the Lord giving us a new day – which is indeed our daily bread.1604917_798212216862587_700794201_n

This is a song which I like – Morning Has Broken:

Morning has broken like the first morning,

Blackbird has spoken like the first bird.
Praise for the singing,
Praise for the morning,
Praise for them springing fresh from the world.Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven,
Like the first dewfall on the first grass.
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden,
Sprung in completeness where his feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight,
Mine is the morning,
Born of the one light Eden saw play.
Praise with elation, praise ev’ry morning,
God’s recreation of the new day.

The photo was taken by YM Chan to whom credit is due.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange (Sunrise over Bryce )

I posted a picture showing Bryce Canyon at sunset.

Here is a photo taken by my sister-in-law in her travels to the South West of the United States.DSCF5307

The sun was rising and the whole scene looks magnificent!

Thank You Everyone!

I am filled with gratitude to the responses I have received to my previous post – Prayers for Mom.

At the time of writing, almost 60 responses were received.

All of them offered prayers, good wishes, blessings, healing thoughts and even positive reiki energy to mom. I know I am unable to thank each of you enough.

I am deeply moved and  would like to thank you all on behalf of mom who will be having an operation today. I know I have very kind blogging friends around me and the blogosphere is full of love.

I was much saddened when I understand my mom has cancer in her colon and that because of old age and immobility, she has decided not to undertake any treatment.DSC_0385

But it seems the good Lord has kindly showed us the way and I hope that He will increase His mercy on us and the whole world.

Eternal God, please be with my mom today as she goes through the surgery. I know we deserve nothing.

I hope , whatever happens to mom in the surgery, this is a rebirth for her.

I sincerely hope it is a day when the sun will rise with all its glory and warmth.

For this, I am showing a sunrise photo taken in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Sunday Stills Challenge: Sunrise and Sunset

This week’s Sunday Stills Challenge is Sunrise and Sunset.

We love beaches in Langkawi so much that we were always out on the beach when we were there.  We did not stay on any beach for a long length of time but wandered from one to another trying to enjoy the best sights and the best moments. The best moments, to us, include sunrise, sunsets and moonrise.

As the sun  descended beneath the horizon, it bestowed an orange tint upon the sea,  making the water glittered like gold,  but in a fleeting moment, it faded and the sun disappeared.

When the orange tint disappered  it left behind a silvery color upon the surface of sea. The sea still looked very tranquil.

But wait! the moon appeared,  a different light mellowed upon the sea. The moonlight refelcted peacfully from a hotel located next to the beach. The moon light cast a giant shadow of the hotel on the calm water. People walked along the beach enjoying the beautiful scene. It was this sort of timeless moment we have been waiting for.

Next morning, we woke up early to find that there was a low band of orange colors creeping up behind the hills across the sea in front of our hotel villa.

We gazed out patiently from our villa by the sea as the sun slowly creeped up behind the hills.

This sunrise over the hills and  the backdrop of beauty  announced the opening ceremony for another new day.

The  sun kept creeping up illuminating the hills and the sea that a moment ago was still unawoken.

The golden sun appeared  in all its glory and imparted a warmth all over the area.

Nothing can compare to this kind of beauty……the natural lighting of sunbeams shining through the expanse of the sky to give a golden brilliance to the water below.

We took a deep breath and soaked up as much of nature as we could.   On seeing this breathtaking sight, we  were filled with gratitude and were thankful we were given another new sunny day!