Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow ( Alley of Szentendre )

This must be one of the narrowest alleys I have seen in Szentendre, Hungary.

I must admit there is nothing very interesting on both sides of the alley.DSCF0221

The alley, which is paved by cobblestones,  is located two blocks of housing and rises quite steeply too.

This must be a short cut for some of the residents.DSCF0219

Don’t be misled by this picture, many alleys in Szentendre are beautiful and interesting.

Please see the second picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony ( Bridge )

I like bridges, especially if they sit harmoniously with the surrounding.

This is a bridge we saw while taking a boat back from Szentendre to Budapest.DSCF0234

The bridge is aesthetically pleasing.

I like the color scheme, the form of the bridge, especially when viewed with a blue sky and the water.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate ( Chapel)

This picture was taken in Szentendre, Hungary.

I am sure very few readers would have seen it before, as photography in the chapel was prohibited.DSCF0193

As there were no signs, maybe only a notice in Hungarian, that photography was not allowed, I foolishly took this image.

Only to be warned by the staff there.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Szentendre, Hungary)

Just can’t stop talking about doors as this is my favorite subject.

This door was captured in Szentendre, Hungary.DSCF0189

This is a quaint liitle town on the outskirt of Budapest, sometimes, it is called the Monte Marte of Budapest.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge (at Szentendre, Hungary)

Szentendre along the Danube is a place I will never be tired of strolling.

I like the colored walls of their buildings, especially the yellow walls.

We have been basking in the sun, sitting leisurely in roadside cafes.DSCF0198

This is a photo I like, people sipping their cafes blissfully – what  a life!

The buildings on the side s just converge.