Rocky Mountain – Mist and Snow

We enjoyed very much the fall foliage in South Korea last Autumn.

For most part of our trip, the weather was fine. However, the weather changed quickly when we were making our way up Daedunsan in a cable car. By the time we were up in the mountain, rain has started. We hiked for a distance up the mountain but the rain was so heavy that we have to retreat. This picture taken just before we retreated, shows the mountain and the foliage in the mist and the rain.DSCF3417

Several years back, we also made a trip up the mountains in Japan. It was late Autumn. When we made our way up the mountains of Tateyama- Kurobe, there were no signs of snowing.DSC_0114

Snow was falling when we reached almost the top. We didn’t have any thick clothes. Many of the pictures taken there appeared as black and white. However, this one taken of the rock slope do have some colors.

The last image was taken in Zhangjiajie, China.DSC_0095

The view of a stone column jutting up in the mist with trees on top was just spectacular!

Mist and snow always add a bit of mystery to mountains.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturation

This week’s challenge is Saturation.

There are many things around us that would best illustrate Saturation; but as one who loves nature and landscape, I would like to show how nature can be saturated with colors.

The pictures here were all taken in my trip to Shirkawa-go, Japan during the fall some years ago. The colored Autumn foliage just filled up our senses.

The colored foliage in red, yellow and green have saturated the area.

The first two pictures are mid-range pictures which are close enough to show the leaves without showing too much of the branches of the trees.DSC_0184

They are very rich in colors and stand out from the pictures.DSC_0188

The next two pictures give you an idea of the setting of the place.DSC_0202

They show where the foliage are in relation to the stream, the bridges and the nearby landscape.DSC_0189

The last pair of pictures focus on the individual trees. You can see the trees from the “forest”.DSC_0209

Maybe, the best way to describe the scenery is to change somewhat the lyrics of John Denver’s “Annie’s Song”.DSC_0214

You fill up my senses like the trees in the forest, 
Like the streams in autumn time, 
Like a walk in the rain, like a stroll across the hillside, 
Like a sleepy  old village.
You fill up my senses, come fill me again.

Travel Theme: Tilted

The theme this week at Where’s My Backpack is Tilted.….

Objects which are naturally tilted are more interesting than those which are tilted with human intention or manipulation; objects tilted by rotating the photo or the camera fall into the latter category.

We were travelling up the very steep hills of Tateyama- Kurobe in Japan. The tram was crowded. No seats were left  and I could hardly stand upright in the tram which took us up the steep incline.

Looking out of the tram window, many trees appeared slanting. I realized that this may only be a perception.  A perception that you get looking out of a tilted window frame as reference when the tram made the ascent.

The view from the tram was picturesque as the autumn foliage was colored. Some trees, I noted, however were tilted naturally. The fact that some of the topsoil gradually slipped down the steep slope has brought the trees along with them.DSC_0084

One tree looked particularly tilted (evidenced by comparing the non-verticality with the neighboring trees). I quickly took a picture while trying to  stand upright, never realizing that I could use such a photo for a challenge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .