Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape ( Tateyama- Kurobe )

The cable car has brought us to the top of the mountain – Tateyama, Japan.DSC_0111

The sky was dark and it was snowing – something which I didn’t expect.

Looking down from the top, I realize the great height from which we were viewing.DSC_0109

The mountains looked dark and somewhat stern and I could see part of the Kurobe reservoir at the bottom.DSC_0113

The view was breath taking!

Autumn in Tateyama

Autumn is my favorite season.

Summer is usually too hot and got even hotter with global warming.

Winter is too cold which makes me feel uncomfortable.

Spring is not that bad, it is sometime misty, the best thing I like about Spring is that flowers begin to bloom. In any case, Spring is now very short to be noticeable.DSC_0223

Here is a picture taken in my trip to Tateyama – Kurobe, Japan.

We were up in the hills. Some leaves have already changed their colors. The light shone through some of the leaves.

The mountain at the back has some clouds / mist over  it, rendering the whole picture picturesque.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent (by Cable Car)

We were up in the mountains of Tateyama in Japan.

It snowed and was freezingly cold.

This was where we made our descent to an area near the Kurobe reservoir below.DSC_0113

The photo was taken just before we took the cable car down to the reservoir.

It was difficult to achieve a good balanced picture – the clouds and the snow cladded mountains were overexposed while the valley below was underexposed.

It is great that the red cable car stood out from the picture!

Trees at Kurobeko, Japan

As part of our “Alpine” travel to Mount Tateyama in Japan, we took a cable car from Daikanbo (2316m above sea level) to Kurobeko (1455m above sea level) and descended to somewhere near the Kurobeko reservoir.

We have a good stroll around the reservoir until we approached the dam.

There, we stopped briefly. The views around the reservoir was beautiful and I took a particular liking to the trees.DSC_0156A

It was almost winter, the only trees that still have leaves remaining have a striking yellowish golden color. They look great against a dark winter background of hills and rocks.

Don’t think they are ginkgo trees but they look stunning. There was a sharp contrast between the color of the leaves to the melancholy background.DSC_0159

Can’t resist photographing them. Filled with awe, I took some far way views with the snow-capped mountain and the colorful trees.

Also took some close-ups of the trees with the reservoir buildings as the background.DSC_0157

So, it was an odyssey to the mountains of Tateyama that one will never forget.