Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture ( Hiroshima)

Can’t leave this challenge yet.

This posts contains two images; both taken at the Hiroshima Memorial Park.

There was a long building which contains exhibits of the bombing of Hiroshima .

Because of the direct sun and high temperatures, I took refuge under the building.DSCF0269

I noticed that there was a long line of columns to support the building and they go in pairs.

What is more interesting is the texture of the columns.DSCF0274

Although the columns are in reinforced concrete, the texture of the columns have a wood texture.

They have taken very elaborative efforts to come up with a textured formwork against which they cast the column concrete, so on striking of the formwork, they left a timber texture in the columns.

Although, this technique is adopted in many places, this is especially done here as this memorial place clearly warrants it.