Weekly Photo Challenge: Time ( Night & Day)

I never have the patience to take the same image during night time and also day time.

I have a couple of photos here taken at different locations, one during night time and one during daytime.10153816_837122682971540_353915063_n

The images show chandeliers. They stand out a lot during night time.

The image taken during day time shows a more tropical setting.DSCF6068

They are also called “hanging bells” in HK.

Please enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Angkor)

I felt I have stepped back in time when I visited Angkor, Cambodia.IMGP1172A

This image has been changed to Black and White to strengthen that sense of timelessness.

This is such an unique place on earth that I would like to revisit again.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time ( Stalactite and Stalagmite )

We only perceive time through changes.

However, both stalactite and stalagmite in caverns only grow very slowly.DSC_0198

Limestone stalactites in particular form extremely slowly – usually less than 10 cm every thousand years – and radiometric dating has shown that some are over 190,000 years old.

Here are a couple of photos taken in the limestone caverns of Yunnan, China.DSCF2894A

While I am in awe with these formations, I don’t particularly fancy seeing them lit up in multi-colors.

I prefer seeing them in their natural color and state.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Wall)

There are so many things around us that remind us time is passing by, sometimes, too quickly.

This wall at Lithuania reminds me that once it was newly constructed and painted.

With the passage of time, the wall deteriorated.DSC_0074

The paint came off, exposing the under-layers of plaster and down to the bare wall.

The windows became distorted as well.

The flowers give it a contrast, adding a bit of beauty to the aged wall.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Great Wall)

This week’s DP theme for the photo challenge is Time.

I am always amazed that some structures can stand the test of time.DSCF2671A

The Great Wall has been built thousands of years ago; this is still one of the longest structures in the World.

These walls were the scene of many battles and were great in keeping the “Barbarians” out of central China.DSCF2670

Wish these walls could talk; so that they can tell us their stories.

Here are several photos taken in the Miutianyu section of the Great Wall near Beijing.DSCF2650A

I have converted them to Black and White, emphasizing the timelessness.

The original photos were taken during Autumn with some color foliage around.

The B&W, however, evoke more moods.

The next three days are public holidays for the Lunar New Year; so be prepared that there may not be any posting during the period.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Now (Clock)

This week’s  photo challenge is Now.

Clocks (and watches) always remind us of Now – the present moment. Of course, it is related to the concept of time or even to relativity.

While travelling in the Latvia, I stumbled across this clock tower. The face of the clock is interesting , so were the details around the edges.

I have to take this picture at an angle as the clock tower was quite tall. By doing so, I compressed the clock’s image in the vertical direction. Thinking about it, it is not the clock face that I want to compress, it is time that I want to compress and if possible, save time into a bottle as the Singer Jim Croce suggested in his Time in a Bottle lyrics.DSC_0063

On the subject of time, I am a big fan of Albert Einstein. One quotation from him is “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”  For instance, I didn’t hit you with eight blog posts at the same time. You only received one post in the last eight days, one post at a time.
Einstein also indicated that time is only an illusion. The fact that one of his best friends died first didn’t matter him that much; they will soon meet.