Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( Another View of Tolo Harbor in the Mist)

Spring this year was particularly misty.

This is another view taken in Tolo Harbor, Hong Kong.img_1708

There is so much contrast between the clear view of the seawall/ breakwater and the view yonder.

All buildings in the distant were shrouded in a thick mist.img_1711

Walking closer towards a pier didn’t change the view much.

The pier jutting out to the sea was like a silhouette – you can clearly see a person cycling on it, but the misty background remains unchanged.

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( Mist in the Harbor )

This is not a monochromatic picture.

It was taken earlier this year with a smart phone when the mist was heavy.

The view is one of Tolo Harbor in the New Territories, Hong Kong.img_1671

Fabulous clouds, layers of mountains as backdrop.

In the foreground are faint outline of high rises.

In the foremost are some fishing boats and sampans.

If you look at the left bottom corner, you will see a bit of the edge of the shore in a different color.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half Light ( Misty Afternoon)

March is coming to a close.

By our standards, we have a relatively cold March.

It wasn’t only cold but damp as well; with relative humidity hovering near 100% for long periods of time.IMG_1708

Our usual winter is cold and dry which is more bearable.

This March is more like Winter but damp which makes it unbearable.IMG_1709

Quite often, we have mist in the morning; but the mist didn’t seem to dispel evening in the afternoon.

Here are some smart phone pictures I have taken in the afternoon while walking along the shore of Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong.IMG_1711

The mist have covered up some distant buildings.

Even on walking closer to the pier, the buildings behind still look buried in the mist.

Hope April will bring better weather!