A Lake in the Baltic – Would you prefer the Original or the HDR Version?

Recently, I have been converting some of my photos into HDR photos to understand the effects.

Here are two photos which I have been playing around with; the original photo was taken on the bank of a lake Galve where the Trakai Castle was located.

It was a very serene scene with some beautiful clouds too.

The one below was a converted version.

The clouds here look more dramatic and shows more details,

but I rather like the mood of the original picture.

What do you think?

The Trakai Picture

The trip to the Baltic countries is memorable.

Estonia seems to be somewhat different from Latvia and Lithuania.DSC_0273A

However, I have totally mixed up the names of the places I visited in Latvia and Lithuania.

The only place I have very clear memory is the Trakai castle – a beautiful castle by the Lake Galve.

This is the most fairy tale like castle I have ever visited!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Trakai)

I am not done yet on this challenge, as I still have some photos to show.

Here is a photo taken of Trakai Castle in Lithuania.DSC_0325A

The main subject is the sailing boat which is at the left hand third of the photo.

To be able to capture this boat in front of the dreamy castle is one of my biggest Reward (this week’s WPC challenge).

Please enjoy 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity (at Lake Galve, Lithuania)

<This post contains 3 photos>

Lake Galvė is a lake in Trakai, Lithuania. It has 21 islands, and one of them houses Trakai Island Castle ( see my previous posts). The lake and most of the other lakes surrounding the castle and city have myths and legends connected to them, of which most contain a tragic love story. The lakes and castle are therefore also said to be haunted.DSC_0301

While visiting the Trakai Castle, I have a good stroll outside the castle by the lake, viewing the lake scenery mainly.DSC_0302

It found it very serene – with the sailing boats and the blue sky.

The three photos here are a selection of photos with a similar theme. Sailing boats are my favorites, so is the deep blue lake water.DSC_0300

Hope the serene scenes bring serenity and inner peace.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

This week’s photo challenge is Threes.

The Challenger wants us to tell a story with a series of three pictures.

I don’t have a story to tell.

I am going to tell you three fairy tales:Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 051

The first tale in true colors. . . . . . . . . .Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 051E

Then the fairy tale is repeated  as if it were a painting . . . . . Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 051C

Last of all, the fairy tale is retold in black and white, making it more surreal.

You may say that I am cheating as I am just showing the same image of Trakai castle in the Baltics over and over.

Please forgive this blogger, as he is running out of stories 🙂