Tin Tin and Star Ferry

DSCF2014I enjoyed watching The Adventures of Tin Tin (3D) ( and other movies for children, including the recent 3D Arthur saves Christmas; think I am starting to revert to childhood!), but two things I have always enjoyed are the tram (Tin Tin) ride on Hong Kong Island and the ferry ride on the Star Ferry.

I enjoyed the “Tin- Tin” sound and watching the busy world just passed me by while taking the tram. The tram allows me to be in close touch with the busy street outside while I can just sit back and watch, continuing to be a rock or an island.

The Star Ferry rides are equally enjoyable, although the subjects of enjoyment may be different from those of a tram ride. The summer breeze, the ever changing HK skyline, the neon signs, giggly tourists on board who seemed to be awed by this wonderful sight. . . . .  I am sorry to say that I may have been a culprit ( or at least an accomplice) for reducing the width of the harbour near Central through leading the design of the”new” ferry piers at Central.

The ferry rides from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui is now shortened so much that by the time you start getting nostalgic the trip is almost over. You have already reached the other side; good times always seem too short.

Yes, we must move on and cross the harbour of life. But for those who want to travel back to the sixties in Hong Kong, you are invited to do the tram and ferry rides of the 60s by clicking the following video link:

Kaze 風 1967 HK tram ride / 1962 city hall