Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid ( Egypt)

This week’s photo challenge is Grid.

Many of my photos taken in Egypt are lost.

Some of them remain but have only been scanned to a low resolution.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Here is a photo of the Trajan’s Kiosk on Philae Island on the Nile.

To me, it is like a three dimensional grid.

Hope one day, I will revisit this place again.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected ( by Ferries)

I like travelling on ferries which provide connection between places.

One ferry which I particularly like to ride on is the Star Ferry in Hong Kong.

Here are two photos of the ferry.

The top one was taken by me a few years ago.DSCF2015

For those who are unfamiliar with the ferry, here is an introduction from Wikipedia:

The Star Ferry, or The “Star” Ferry Company, is a passenger ferry service operator and tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Its principal routes carry passengers across Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong and Kowloon . It was founded in 1888 as the Kowloon Ferry Company, adopting its present name in 1898.

The fleet of twelve ferries currently operates two routes (four prior to April 1, 2011)] across the harbour, carrying over 70,000 passengers a day, or 26 million a year. Even though the harbour is crossed by railway and road tunnels, the Star Ferry continues to provide an inexpensive mode of harbour crossing. The company’s main route runs between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.

It has been rated first in the “Top 10 Most Exciting Ferry Rides” poll by the Society of American Travel Writers (“SATW”) in February 2009.1074828_564517866928007_1891007504_o

The other picture is taken from the internet which shows the Star Ferry with a background of Hong Kong in the 1980s. The photographer is unknown – the credit is given to him/her whoever he/she may be.

What a contrast!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration ( Sanqing Shan)

The source of my inspiration is from the nature.

It could be mountains, sea, rivers, clouds, waterfalls etc.

One of my recent inspirational moments is hiking to the top of Sanqing Shan, China.DSCF0966

This photo was captured when hiking up on the trails near to the top of the mountain when clouds came looming over and the area was darkened.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half ( Beach)

I know I have been violating the Rule of Thirds – and that’s the reason why I have ended up with stacks of photos which are Half / Half.1604917_798212216862587_700794201_n

Here is a picture taken at a beach in Hong Kong when the sun was setting.

I like the atmosphere and both halves of the picture – the beach and the sky.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half ( Sea at Croatia)

One of the most memorable things in Croatia must be the sea at Croatia.

The deep blue Adriatic sea captured my heart when we were there.

The sea was so charming that I spent hours and hours by the sea, watching ships and smaller vessels mainly.DSCF0456

There was good sunshine in the coastal areas of Croatia and the sea was just a reflection of the clear and blue sky.

The first picture was taken in Split. Gazing out from the shore, I saw this cruise liner which seemed to be the only thing which separates the sea from the sky.DSCF0600A

We spent a few days on the island of Hvar ( on the second picture) where I felt completely relaxed.

The sea was just everywhere and I like watching yachts and sea gulls flying past.

I think I could stay on the island forever!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half ( Wheat Field)

The DP’s theme for last week is Half and Half.

Photographers talk about the rule of thirds.

Taking pictures half / half is usually not recommended.DSC_0265

This week, I will continue sharing some pictures which are half / half.

The picture was taken on the way from Latvia to Lithuania.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half (Trees + Flowers)

The DP’s theme for this week is Half and Half.

Photographers talk about the rule of thirds.

Taking pictures half / half is usually not recommended.

This week, I will be sharing pictures which are half / half.CIMG0205A

Which half would you like? Trees or flowers?

Which one is the better half?

The picture was taken in Furano, Hokkaido, Japan.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( at Szentendre, Hungary)

Just can’t stop talking about doors as this is my favorite subject.

This door was captured in Szentendre, Hungary.DSCF0189

This is a quaint liitle town on the outskirt of Budapest, sometimes, it is called the Monte Marte of Budapest.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door ( in Baltic)

I would say the Baltic countries are a place where one can find some interesting doors.

Sometimes, the door itself may not be all that special but what happens near the door is all the more interesting.Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 036

Here is an example, without the soldiers, this door looks plain and the picture has few colors.

The soldiers, especially the middle one, add to the picture!

SanQing Shan (4)

Have been away for a week in JianXi, China.

One of the main activities was to climb up SanQing Shan ( Mountain).

The cable car took us to about 1,400m high, from which we hiked to the top at about 1,800m.

We saw trees, squirrels, some flowers and butterflies, the mountain formation was indeed magnificent.

On one day, we walked for more than 4 hours, covering over 15km.DSCF1009

This picture shows the head of the fairy overlooking the valley.

This is my first break after 6 months of my mom’s operation.

Thought that mom is becoming stable after the surgery; on coming back from the trip, she has a bit of maybe fibroma in her skin of her abdomen. However, we could be heading for a new challenge; hope God will assist her with her health and with her recovery after the operation.

I hope you continue to enjoy my pictures!