The Killing of a Fine Tree which I can see from My Window

From my window, I could see a beautiful tree which has reddish orange blossoms twice every year. I have been photographing it for years. Unfortunately, I can no longer see it from my window as it is partially covered by vines. From my angle, it is all vines.

Somehow, the vines have jumped the gap between the two trees and started covering up my beautiful tree.

Yesterday, I walked up to the tree and took this photo from an angle which is flipped from my usual angle.

The above photo was taken from a considerable distance from my home. It still has its beautiful flowers.

Climbing vines are not good for trees. They latch on healthy trees, climb on it as support, spreading and covering the tree so that it would not receive any more sunlight which is essential for survival.

I can see this tree suffering in the next few years and may just perish because of the lack of sunlight.

Animal kingdom is cruel; but plant kingdom also. I am just pondering is there anything I can do to save the tree?

Today, I went up to the roof and took this picture – which is somewhat blur but illustrative.

It shows how the vines have crept or jumped up to the tree from a deep valley below. It is just incredible – I presume the fittest survives.