A Tree in the Desert

My wife has returned from her trip to Namibia.

She has taken some photos and a lot of video.

Many of her videos are taken of wild beasts and animals, like leopards, lions, rhinos, oryx, elephants and birds etc.P1030261

She likes taking videos rather than photos – this gives the real sense of the place and the motion, she said.

However, all her videos or bursts were taken in 4K stored with an Extreme high speed memory card ; which can only be downloaded with a compatible card reader and a compatible software. This being the case, I am not sure they are that easy to be shared.

Here is one of her photos taken in the Namibia desert.

I like the patterns in the sand.

If you are careful enough, you may also be able to spot the patterned footprints of insects in the sand.


Milford Track

This is one of the stunning picture taken by my wife during her trip on the Milford Track.IMG_0022

I still have to make out what the green undergrowth is.

Given it is a Holiday Season, I am a bit lazy to research. Hope you will bear with me.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day (Lavender)

Pardon me for sharing yet another photo of lavender field.

The photo was taken by my wife; not only that, I am in the photo.cimg0213

There was something poetic about the photo. I was happily strolling the lavender field, walking towards a tree. While a girl was approaching it from the other direction.

My wife caught this moment which was not unlike the lovers meeting high up on a hill in a bitter sweet moment in the film ” Love is a Many Splendored Thing”.