Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( of the Adriatic Sea )

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is Edge.

I came closest to the Adriatic sea when I traveled on Hvar Island, Croatia.dscf0610

Strolling round the edges of the island everyday was my favorite pastime.

I have never seen a sea that blue and water so clear and azure.

Gazing out to the sea gave me the serenity.dscf0472

The coastline with the local trees was so picturesque.

The weather was good with plenty of sunshine – an ideal place for a photographer.dscf0474

Here are some photos taken of the edges of the island.

Invariably, they have beautiful trees and plants complementing the beautiful coast.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning ( Walk in Geneva)

We stayed somewhere on the hills overlooking lake Geneva, Switzerland.

To stay healthy, we did a walk about after an early breakfast.

Firstly, we have to negotiate a somewhat steep trail.DSCF0050A

Along the trail, there were some fox holes. Unfortunately, I have no luck of seeing any foxes.

The sun has come up and shone through the leaves. As usual, I took a photo of the light through the leaves.

We climbed higher and reach this grassland where there are only a couple of lone trees.DSCF1129

I like trees in a open plain and was glad to take this photo.

Another good morning I woke up to, just fantastic!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow (Path at Paronella Park)

I have posted on Paronella Park in Northern Australia.

The park is not big but I like all the work left by the original builder.CIMG0600A

While walking through the park, I came across this narrow path between the trees.

The light is in the right direction and the walk was delightful.

The picture was captured using a first generation compact electronic camera – still it shows a lot of details!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up (Trees)

This week’s DP photo challenge is Look Up.

This photo immediately comes to mind.CIMG2962

It was taken during my early hikes in the woods of the Tai Po country park in Hong Kong.

It was almost Autumn; some trees have shed their leaves others still have green leaves.

Flame of the Forest (2)

It was a bit silly of me trying to walk under the sun for some exercise today when the temperature was hoovering around 33 degrees Celsius.771b2c78-ea60-481d-ab34-4ff0a3cd03b8

My walk was interrupted several times when I encountered these trees in blossom.965126fa-aee3-48b2-a884-39ed09f271a5

I can’t help taking out my camera to photograph these Flame of the Forest trees as they are the best I saw in years.

These trees were planted near to the Tai Po town area.

With a smart phone in hand and the fierce sun from above, I took photo of these trees.53a14dc4-b3c4-4083-befe-0d20004db35d

The climate change has brought a lot of rain here in the last couple of months. This, I surmise, is the reason for all these blossoms.2d345aab-9b55-4865-b0b1-97669fa35477

A bright side of climate change?

Same Tree Different Season

Here are two pictures taken from my home – they show the same tree but at different season.

They belong to the family of Delonix Regia; but commonly called Flame of the Forest locally, although I believe they have different names in different geographies.CIMG3003

The one taken in Winter is striking – it is all bare with branches only; dripping to the ground.

The other one with flowers is taken today. I believe it will have more flowers in two weeks’ time.CIMG7828A

In any case, there is a striking contrast!



Flame of The Forest

This is the season for the blooming of the Flame of The Forest.

This morning, I have a delightful walk along the seaside promenade garden in Tai Po, Hong Kong.IMG_1960 (1)

My walk took me past this Flame of Forest tree. There are many around in the area while I was driving there.

These photos are captured with my smartphone; so please don’t expect them to be of very high quality.IMG_1962 (1)

I have always like these trees in full bloom.

In Winter, they shed all the leaves and the trees become bare.IMG_1964

This time of the year, they are just like a flame , on tops of the trees.

Understand that’s how they got the name – people looking from afar thought the trees are on fire.IMG_1961

What a beautiful fire!