Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless ( Clouds )

This is my second interpretation of Weightless.

I felt somewhat surreal when watching clouds in the Inner Mongolian desert.

The clouds seemed floating in the air.DSCF2285B

The sand underneath my feet made me feel heavy; whereas in contrast, the string of colorful umbrellas on the horizon appeared as if they hung effortlessly from the air.

The Mongolian yurts on the left reminded me this place was surreal.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale (Inner Mongolia)

From the size of the three visitors in the image, you will appreciate the scale of the sand dunes in Inner Mongolia, as well as the scale of the clouds formation.DSCF2285

The picture looks a bit surreal with the clouds, the sand dunes, the visitors,  the Mongolian yurts and the color umbrellas.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (in the Desert)

Believe me, this is not a made up or composite photo.

We were travelling in Inner Mongolia; in the Resonant Sand Desert.DSCF2246

I love the clouds, the sand dunes and more than anything else, the yellow umbrella that appeared so inviting under the hot desert sun.