Weekly Photo Challenge : Edge ( Waterfalls )

This week’s DP’s Photo Challenge is Edge.

Imagine that you are close to the edge of a waterfall . . . . . . .

and this water fall falls 360 ft from where you are!dscf9417

This picture of the Victoria falls was taken by my sister-in-law while flying above the waterfall.

Even at this height, you can feel the power of this magnificent fall.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration (Waterfall)

I get lots of inspiration from waterfalls.

They inspire me to think deep and appreciate the greatness of the Creator.DSCF9586

You can find many of them in my blog.

Here is a picture of a part of Victoria falls taken by my sister-in-law during her trip to Botswana.

I like the rugged rocks too!


And God Created Waterfalls. . . .

The greatness of some of the waterfalls makes us think of ourselves as  being a tiny part of the universe.

Think of our life as a waterfall; it may come crashing down at some point, it may have it’s ups and downs, but in the end, it will continue to flow.DSCF9503A

(Photo of Victoria falls at Zimbabwe – courtesy of my sister-in-law, Jennie)