City Blue

Over the weekend, I have been playing around with some of my city photos, giving them a blue tint.

I must admit that in fact I like the one with blue tint than the original photo.

This is one of the photos showing the night scene of Hong Kong Island and the Victoria Harbour.DSCF2048B

Please enjoy 🙂

Pencil Sketch and Photo – Hong Kong

I like doing pencil sketches when I was a kid.

I even ventured into drawing with charcoal pencils.

It would take me hours but I could be totally engrossed in it.

Even in my retirement, I no longer have the patience or mood of going back into pencil drawings.

As an alternative, I am now into photography, which gives me instant results of my work.

In lieu of pencil drawing, I am now into calligraphy.  As some readers said, it is like doing Tai Qi on paper.

Here are two photos. The pencil sketch one is converted from the color one by using a software.

I guess it will take me a life time to draw it with all the small details!



The View from Floor 102

It has been raining for several days.

We were up on Floor 102 of the Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong enjoying our lunch.

The weather was pretty bad and we couldn’t see a thing from the windows.

Then the sky suddenly cleared up.CIMG7829

There were still rain drops on the window pane.

The view of the Victoria Harbor from there was just magnificent.

The clouds beneath us together with the rain drops really add to the mood.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral ( Hong Kong)

There are so many moments we recall as being ephemeral.

They are fleeting moments which would disappear after appearing briefly.

These are moments which photographers would very much like capturing.1891271_957186297631844_4048321116852625425_n

Here is a picture of the sun setting on the western side of the Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong.

Picture again taken by my classmate YM Chan.