The Zen of Taking Photos

Over the years, I have been learning the art of photography by reading up, talking to others and viewing other people’s photographs.

I know my photography skills have not improved a lot ( sometimes I feel the photos I took when I was young are better than those taken in recent years).

I surmise that there are some principles in taking photos:

  1. Take them with your heart – the heart will tell you where and when to press the shutter.
  2. Don’t think when you are taking photos – keep yourself calm and do not think of anything else ( but of course, be alert of your own safety).
  3. Sometimes go against the light ( just as in life, you sometimes have to go against the current).
  4. Be perceptive of ordinary things around you ( as they may be extraordinary in the eye of the camera).
  5. Don’t take photos because you want the Like.
  6. Take them as if you are not going to edit them in any manner.
  7. Don’t pursue a style for its own sake, a style will come to you naturally, just be natural.
At the Lap An Lagoon in Vietnam

Well, my photos have not been good enough as I have not been following the above rules all the time. Photo should be taken so that the rules become norms and the above just come naturally.