WuYuan – the Most Beautiful Village in China?

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Wuyuan is claimed to be the most beautiful village in China.

I don’t think I have seen enough of Wuyuan to confirm this or otherwise.DSCF1099

The most beautiful photo of Wuyuan I saw was taken from a hill and from afar – when the village was surrounded by yellow canola or rapeseed flowers.DSCF1036

What I saw on this trip was only a part of Wuyuan after it was partially flooded in the last few weeks.DSCF1037

My trip, at a wrong season,  concentrated more on the ancient architecture which I would share in due course.

This post gives a general view of the area.

Wikipedia introduces the place as follows:

Wuyuan, on the boundary of three provinces in Jiangxi’s northeastern corner, has a landscape dotted with strange caves, deep secluded rocks and numerous historic sites. Wuyuan County is home to some of the best-preserved ancient architecture in China.¬†Wuyuan’s structures were built in 740 during the Tang Dynasty, its remoteness and inconvenient transportation protecting its villages from too many visitors.