Xi’an City Wall

The wall was built in the fourteenth century and has been rebuilt several times.

This is one of the most beautiful, largest and well preserved Chinese fortified walls.

At the top, the wall is wide at around 50 feet.

On plan, the wall is rectangular and enclosing a very large protected area of houses.

To add to the beauty, the wall is surrounded by a moat.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

This week’s DP challenge is Curve.

This castle in the Baltic is curve and rounded.Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 009

The whole masonry wall is cylindrical with small windows.

I especially like the texture of the wall which is so rugged and which gives the picture a special mood.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time (Wall)

There are so many things around us that remind us time is passing by, sometimes, too quickly.

This wall at Lithuania reminds me that once it was newly constructed and painted.

With the passage of time, the wall deteriorated.DSC_0074

The paint came off, exposing the under-layers of plaster and down to the bare wall.

The windows became distorted as well.

The flowers give it a contrast, adding a bit of beauty to the aged wall.


Wall – Lung Yuk Tau

Late last year, I had a good stroll around Lung Yuk Tau, in the rural northern part of Hong Kong.DSCF0438

There were many interesting sights; the most beautiful of which were the ancestral halls.

Here is an example of the beautiful walls to one of the ancestral halls.

I like the colorful tiles on the walls, the ridges of the tiled roofs and the eaves too.

Please enjoy ­čÖé


Weekly Photo Challenge: Walls (Zhangjiajie)

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This week’s WPC challenge is Wall.

What I am showing here are not conventional architectural / building man made walls.DSC_0172

But natural walls – part of a cliff like wall in Zhangjiajie in China.

They are walls with unbelievable heights.DSC_0171

You can also see trees that cling to the face of the cliff too.

Just incredible!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

This week’s photo challenge is Threshold.

I don’t pretend to know what actually is a threshold; although I have used this term many times on a technical aspect.

This must be one of the more difficult themes that the Challenger has set; because of that, there are not as many submissions as on other themes.

The following picture , taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia is my interpretation of Threshold – whatever this may mean.DSCF0923

The picture takes you through a gap then outward to the blue Adriatic Sea.

Please enjoy ­čÖé