Travelling Up the Yangtze River

The views you get travelling up the Yangtze River are not quite the same as floating down the same river, people told us.

I can believe in this as views can be different if you view them the other way.dscf6180

The trip was unforgettable!

I was entranced when we made our way up with the sun setting in front of us. It was surreal!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless (Reflection)

This is another example of Weightless.

Reflection in the water does not involve any mass and hence weight.1898284_828154203868388_1229810513_n

They make irregular and interesting patterns.

Here are two photos taken in the Baltic, the first one only showing the reflection from the water.Baltic Capitals  15-Aug-09 055

The second one gives an overview, reflections and swans floating effortlessly in the lake.

In a sense, the swans appear weightless too!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering (Flamingos)

The best picture I have ever taken of flamingos are in fact taken in a safari park – the Chimelong Safari Park in China.CIMG1102

This is a gathering of the flamingos.

To me, it looks like a tropical paradise!

Milford Track ( Sky and Reflection)

This is a view which one might see while doing the Milford Track.

It looks so serene.image1 (2)

The sky and its reflection in water has always been my favorite.

Please enjoy🙂


Milford Sound vs Three Gorges

Here are two photos which talk to each other.

The top one was taken at Milford Sound in New Zealand, while the second one was taken in Three Gorges.IMG_0027

Both were taken on a boat.

They are very similar in composition but they convey very different moods.DSCF6173

The sea at Milford Sound was a bit choppy and the scene a bit dark.

I rather like the Three Gorges one which depicts sunset and calm waters.

Milford Track (2)

Hiking the Milford Track is surely a challenge, but those who have done it are rewarded with what they see.

I don’t actually know what the picture is showing and will ask my wife when she is back from the hike.IMG_0026

It seems to show water spilling over a ridge.

My question is why the water mass seems to discontinue after it spills over the ridge; creating this spectacular sight!

Milford Track

Never seen such a waterfall!

Picture sent to me by my wife travelling in the South Island, New Zealand.IMG_0044

I would hate to go anywhere near this waterfall as it looks so intimidating.

Understand that hiking the Milford Track at this time of the year is also quite laborious.IMG_0047

My folks said that they feel cold and have never thought they have to wade through so much water.

Definitely a challenge!