Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony ( Waterfall )

Waterfalls are one of my favorite subjects.

While I am impressed by those mighty falls which look so powerful with their roaring sound; I am all the more at peace with those small ones too.058A

Here is a picture of a waterfall taken at JiuZhaiGou. It looks so silky and serene and integrates so well with the green environment.

Please enjoy!

The Serenity of Plitvice lakes

Waterfalls, trees, lakes and reflection seem to be the most common elements at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia.

Here is a photo that was taken at the lakes.DSCF0352

I like the serenity of the place and the green reflection.

Please enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Optimistic ( Green Evironment)

As long as we have clean water and a green environment, I am optimistic about our future.

This picture was taken in Panorellea Park in Cairns, Australia. CIMG0573

It clearly shows how green the environment can be.

The waterfall gives hope that there will be clean water for the future.

Milford Track (2)

Hiking the Milford Track is surely a challenge, but those who have done it are rewarded with what they see.

I don’t actually know what the picture is showing and will ask my wife when she is back from the hike.IMG_0026

It seems to show water spilling over a ridge.

My question is why the water mass seems to discontinue after it spills over the ridge; creating this spectacular sight!

Milford Track

Never seen such a waterfall!

Picture sent to me by my wife travelling in the South Island, New Zealand.IMG_0044

I would hate to go anywhere near this waterfall as it looks so intimidating.

Understand that hiking the Milford Track at this time of the year is also quite laborious.IMG_0047

My folks said that they feel cold and have never thought they have to wade through so much water.

Definitely a challenge!


Travel Theme: Golden (in Yunnan)

<This post consists of 7 photos>

Up to now, I still don’t know what I saw.

We were up in the hills of Yunnan, China.DSC_0360

We came across a golden statue which I am not too sure what it is.DSC_0355

This could be GuangYin, but this doesn’t look like the ones I used to see.DSC_0352

It was gold plated.DSC_0353

It looks peaceful.DSC_0358

It sits on top of a  waterfall which plunges into a pool below.DSC_0356

In the pool, there were many kois which were gold in color, swimming happily.DSC_0347

The series of picture will give you an idea of the setting.

I have never shown these pictures as I would like to research it before publishing.

But it is so tempting to publish them under the Travel Theme: Golden!

PS My blogging friend Denise shares the following which she has researched into the background of the golden statute:

It is called Nagarjuna, considered the most important Buddhism philosopher after Gautama Buddha. His image is mostly found in Tibetan Buddhism but scholars said “Along with his disciple Āryadeva, he is considered to be the founder of the Madhyamaka school of Mahāyāna Buddhism.” (Wikipedia)