Weekly Photo Challenge: Path (4)

This week’s DP challenge is Path.

While visiting the Plitvice national Lakes in Croatia, we walked on this curvy path.

The boardwalks there bring us close to the waterfalls and other water features.dscf0358a

While my previous post shows a birds-eye view of the boardwalk; this photo shows a close up of the boardwalk.

The walk brought us a close view of the waterfalls; it was amazing!

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O ( Plitvice Lakes 2 )

This week’s photo challenge is H2O.

I have request to post some more images of water in the Plitvice National lakes.

There are some places on earth which make you think you are totally engulfed in a world of water.dscf0300

The Plitvice National Lakes in Croatia is one of them.

I was standing there taking a photo; Β what occurred to me was that water was coming towards me from all sides.

In this series I will be showing some of them with water as the main feature.

Hope you like them!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow (Paths)

I like the board walks in Plitvice National Lakes, Croatia.

These timber board walks bring visitors close to the waterfalls and the water.DSCF0333

Without them, you can only see the place from the distant shores.

The first picture was taken high up on the hills, over viewing the lake.DSCF0358A

The walks are curvy and quite narrow.

Walking on the narrow walks gives you an intimate feel of the waterfalls and the natural features there.DSCF0375

Without the walks, all you can do is to walk along the paths on the hill side which is illustrated in the last photo.

Please enjoy πŸ™‚



Waterfalls ( Big vs Small)

Here are two photos , both of which show waterfalls.

One was taken at the Niagara fall, the water was crashing down in all its mighty.1275803_1384422941789507_1141519837_o

A boat full of visitors was edging towards the waterfall while a rainbow appears to the left. The picture was taken by my classmate KC Ching.DSCF2943A

The second picture was taken by me at the Nine Dragons Group of Waterfalls in Yunnan, China.

The pictures are in dialogue, speaking to each other – with a similar theme but at a different scale.

Instead of a motorized boat, the second picture shows a small sampan being maneuvered near to misty waterfall.

Please enjoy πŸ™‚

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth (at Victoria Waterfalls)

This is a view overlooking the Victoria waterfall.

Can you see how deep it plunges down?DSCF9424

If you are interested, please see my other post on “And God Created Waterfalls” https://retireediary.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/and-god-created-waterfalls/

PS Photo taken by my sister-in-law Jennie.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity ( of the Waterfalls)

<This post contains 2 photos>

I may be awed by those majestic waterfalls which tumble down with a roaring sound.

However, I feel more peaceful with the smaller ones which sit well with the surrounding.

Here are two photos of waterfalls which I like.094

The first one was taken in Jiuzhaigou of China; the trees and foliage provide an attractive frame for the waterfall.DSCF0368

The second one was taken in Plitvice Lakes of Croatia.

I have shown photos of many waterfalls in both places, but these photos which I have not shown, represent serenity to me πŸ™‚