Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless (Acrobats)

Here on earth, nothing can really defy gravity.

A jellfish can be immersed in water and supported by buoyancy as to appear weightless.

A levitation train can be lifted off the rails based on the repulsion of the magnetic fields.DSCF0680

Some kung fu masters are said to be able to lift themselves up from the floor using Qikung – I still have to see them before my very eyes.

Here are some acrobats who seem to be able to soar above the water jets but in fact they are tied by wires.

The picture was taken in a performance in Macau.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless (Ice Skating)

This little girl looked weightless.

She was ice skating in the ice rink when I captured her photo.

Her body moved so effortlessly as weight didn’t matter.1381319_730029047014238_1837465258_n

The only thing she has to overcome was the friction between the blade and the ice.

But with her quick movement, the ice underneath the blade quickly melted under her weight.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless ( Jellyfish )

The jellyfish looks weightless when floating in water.CIMG5225

The following is extracted from a website known as Marine Science Today which I think is very interesting for reading:

Did you know that jellyfish have been orbiting Earth since the early 90s? To study the effects if weightlessness, NASA launched into space 2,487 jellyfish polyps that eventually became more than 60,000 jellies. The end goal of the experiment was to see how the jellyfish developed without gravity and how they would respond once back on Earth. Jellyfish were used because they, like humans, orient themselves according to gravity. It turns out that the space jellies didn’t develop that gravity-sensing abilities and they had trouble getting around once back in gravity.DSCF9921

Read more: http://marinesciencetoday.com/2013/10/21/jellyfish-raised-in-space-dont-like-gravity/#ixzz3xCnMpuFF

Here are some photos taken by my wife in the Monterrey Aquarium in 2014.DSCF9939

I didn’t know that they don’t like gravity.

They are just amazing!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless (Dragonflies)

The dragonflies are so delicate.DSCF1898

They have almost transparent wings and could stay almost stationary in the sky for so long as if they are weightless.

They are my favorite subject for capturing.1375927_737894202894389_1109092320_n

As a small boy, I like capturing them and put them in a jar too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless ( Smoke )

Lately, the DP Photo Challenges are getting more and more difficult to handle.

This week, the theme of the challenge is Weightless.

I am sure smoke has weight too.DSCF0162A

Things that have mass have weight.

Smoke particles, which has mass,  must carry some weight.

Nevertheless, they seem to be floating away from these incense sticks.

The picture was taken in Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong.

It not only appears weightless, but also timeless!