Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half ( Wheat Field)

The DP’s theme for last week is Half and Half.

Photographers talk about the rule of thirds.

Taking pictures half / half is usually not recommended.DSC_0265

This week, I will continue sharing some pictures which are half / half.

The picture was taken on the way from Latvia to Lithuania.

Wheat Fields

Didn’t know Van Gogh liked wheat fields and had his own interpretation of them until I read the following from Wikipedia:

In 1889 Van Gogh wrote of the way in which wheat was symbolic to him: “What can a person do when he thinks of all the things he cannot understand, but look at the fields of wheat… We, who live by bread, are we not ourselves very much like wheat… to be reaped when we are ripe.”

Van Gogh saw in his paintings of wheat fields an opportunity for people to find a sense of calm and meaning, offering more to suffering people than guessing at what they may learn “on the other side of life.”

Van Gogh writes Theo that he hopes that his family brings to him “what nature, clods of earth, the grass, yellow wheat, the peasant, are for me, in other words, that you find in your love for people something not only to work for, but to comfort and restore you when there is a need.”  Further exploring the connection between man and nature, Van Gogh wrote his sister Wil, “What the germinating force is in a grain of wheat, love is in us.”

The pictures were taken in Hokkaido, Japan.CIMG0151

May you find  “a sense of calm and meaning” as Van Gogh found in the wheat fields.

May you also find inspiration  in ” what a germinating force is in a grain of wheat, love is in us“.CIMG0147

Apart from the wheat, I also love the clouds above the fields. 

I have turned both pictures into sepia and hope you like both !