Weekly Photo Challenge: (The Last) Door

I have been taking forever about doors.

Hope this doesn’t bore you.DSC_0180

This is my last post on Door of the DP theme; so I won’t continue forever.

Pardon me, again, this is door captured in the Baltic.

Hope you like it!

Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 1

This is the first week Lingering Visions is hosting the new Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 1.

I have two pictures both taken in Latvia, a Baltic country, showing windows which I find interesting.

I like many of the details in the picture below: the flower-pot in the form of a pig, the yellow flowers, the color and texture of the timber frame and shutter,  the black hinges, the contrast in colors etc.DSC_0008

On the other one, the focus is more on the wall than on the windows. Again, there are flowers below the window sill, the reflections from the window pane, the old  windows.  The paint on the wall below the window has cracked off showing a bad state of repair.DSC_0074

A window is defined as a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass window pane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air.

I like windows, not only for the light and the fresh air; gazing out the window often gives me the opportunity of day dreaming and deep thinking. . . . . . .