A Word A Week Challenge: Gap

This is the narrowest Gap that I have ever squeezed  through in my life, so far.

We were up in Wu Yi Shan mountain, China. Our tour guide brought us to this part of the mountain where there is a small gap between two sides of a mountain – a narrow rock passage literally translated as ” A Thread in the Sky”.

The gap is not vertical but slanted.

We were to climb through this narrow gap. As there were no light, we have to grope our way through – with the guide leading in the front.CIMG0261

At the pinch point, it was so narrow that we were asked to take our backpack off from our shoulders so we can squeeze through.

As a relatively slim person I did, as instructed, and somehow squeezed through. While at the narrowest point, I have the thought that in case there was an earthquake, I could just be squashed to death in between these big rocks. . . . .  for a moment, I was scared.CIMG0260

When we came out from the other side, we were relieved – we have finally made it unscathed.

I took the opportunity to photograph the rock from a distance.

This is something that I will remember for the rest of my life!