The WuYiShan Picture

Floating down the Nine Bend river on a bamboo raft was one of the scaring moments on this trip.

It was on a cold and raining day when we did this trip.

The rain was falling hard and beating against our body.CIMG0267

Mist has fallen on us.

The WuYi mountains were covered with mist that kept crawling down.

How did we feel – we were almost frightened!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless ( Mist )

Thick mist floating down from the mountain top!

The mist seemed weightless while floating down from the WuYiShan ( Mountain) in China as we drifted down the river in a bamboo raft.CIMG0267

I think I am contracting myself – the mist must have weight to pour down from the top of the mountain, but still, I do like to think that they are weightless and the moment timeless!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle ( Moon Gate 2 )

This is my other photo showing the moon gate to a Chinese garden.

As with all moon gates, it is circular and serves as an entrance to this ” Ten Thousand Spring” garden.CIMG0304

We were on our way to the WuYiShan ( Mountain) and dropped by this delightful garden.

I must say, this is not my best picture for Moon Gates. The best one I have taken was from the gardens of SuZhou. However, it is not in an electronic form and difficult to be scanned.