Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow (Gap in the Rock )

I didn’t know we were to squeeze through a crack in the rock while we were hiking up the hills of WuYiShan, China.

It was a bit intimidating.CIMG0261A

The rocks seem to be slanted in one direction and between the rocks there is a narrow gap.

More to this, no light can reach the gap and we have to make our way up the gap in darkness.

To give you an idea as to the width of the gap – I have to take my backpack off from my shoulders before I can squeeze through the gap.CIMG0260

The gap is called ” A Thread of the Sky”.

From this, you can imagine how narrow the gap is.

The second photo was taken from a distant after emerging from the gap.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless ( Mist )

Thick mist floating down from the mountain top!

The mist seemed weightless while floating down from the WuYiShan ( Mountain) in China as we drifted down the river in a bamboo raft.CIMG0267

I think I am contracting myself – the mist must have weight to pour down from the top of the mountain, but still, I do like to think that they are weightless and the moment timeless!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist ( in Nature)

We have no joy up in the WuYiShan (mountain), China, as it has been raining almost continuously.

After a tiring climb, we descended from the picturesque mountains (covered in mist and rain) and walked by the river bank.CIMG0306

While strolling, we caught this riverside view: river in the background, straight line of trees (mostly bamboo) with thin girth standing at the river edge.

Their twisted form and light color was a perfect contrast to the straight bamboo and the river!


That Day We Floated Down the River in a Bamboo Raft

I can still vividly remember the very cold day when we took a ride on a bamboo raft along the Nine Bend river by the side of WuYi Mountain, China.

It was raining cats and dogs when we were on the raft. The rain was whipping on us and we were shivering all over.

We picked a bad time to be on the river – we didn’t have the heart at all to appreciate the scenery on both sides of the river.

All we wanted was the raft trip to be ended as soon as possible.

The weather changed for the better in the afternoon when we climbed high up on the mountains.CIMG0287

Gazing down below, we saw four rafts on the  meandering river, an orange colored pavilion roof and steep mountains with trees on both sides.

The mist was still thick and was cascading down to the river.

It was a wet and cold day – a day to remember!

PS  I have also posted on this blog my travels to WuYiShan which included this ride on the raft. Interested readers are welcome to peruse it.