Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half ( Lake )

The DP’s theme for this week is Half and Half.

Photographers talk about the rule of thirds.

Taking pictures half / half is usually not recommended.

This week, I will be sharing pictures which are half / half.DSCF0033A

This picture was taken at Lake Geneva at Morges, Switzerland.

The sea and the lake are basically of the same color, highlighted by some clouds and yachts.

It was a view to behold.

Lake Geneva at Morges, Switzerland

Spring has already set in when we arrived the small but charming town of Morges in Switzerland.  This is where the Tulip festival is held each year to celebrate the return of spring. Apart from this, we didn’t know much about Morges, only that Audrey Hepburn (remember “Moon River” and singer Andy Williams who passed away yesterday?) was buried somewhere near this town.

It was early May, although we were a bit late for the first bloom of the tulips still there were a lot of flowers in the garden beside Lake Geneva.

Once alighted from the car, we couldn’t wait to have a walk in the flowered garden. Next to the Lake Geneva, the garden also has wide, green expanses of lawn and beautiful, stately trees.

Although the tulip exhibition has just finished, it was a lovely walk around the garden. Flowers were everywhere. Apart from tulips, Morges is known for its irises  and in summer, the dahlia brightens up the shore in Morges.

There are great paths to walk  along and flowerbeds to add colour, beauty and atmosphere to it all – benches to  sit and relax under the trees in the shade or out in the sun. There are signs on the lakeside promenade which shows that you can walk all the way to Lausanne.

We wandered along, strolling by the foreshore of the lake. It was a joy walking the lakeside promenade, watching the yachts.

Morges is a typical lakeside town opposite majestic Mont-Blanc.  From here we have a good view of the lake and the mountains from afar.

The marina is the best place to see yachts lying at their berths. The setting was just so breathtaking!

It was peaceful sitting on the benches on the lakeside promenade and viewing the marina.

The foreshore was so well manicured with all the trimmings!

After the stroll in the garden and the lakeside promenade, we took a look at the town center. It was a surprise to find the  cobbled, pedestrian-only main street was lined with shops, bakeries, fountains, and benches. It is also the venue of lively markets.

As with many things in Switzerland, the surrounding give you a sense of serene and tranquility. My first impressions of Switzerland were more related to chocolates,  raclette, fondue, cuckoo clocks, bank accounts. After this visit, I am thinking of Switzerland more in terms of lake, yachts, flowers, mountains, beautiful sceneries and tranquility.

Trakai – The Fairy Tale Castle in Lithuania

It was our first trip to the three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. At Lithuania, we stumbled across this sleepy small town of Trakai, which is surrounded by lake Galve. This castle has a stunning setting. Originally built in the 14th century, it looks like it came out from a fairy tale.

We have seen castles located romantically on some Scottish islands but this red colored castle with round towers surrounded by tranquil lakes against a clear blue sky was the most picturesque that we have ever seen.We walked across a timber footbridge which connects the castle to the shore and entered into the castle.

From the outside, it’s a conventional castle of red brick, with watch towers and walls and a keep and everything. In the inner fortress there’s a courtyard with wooden walkways all along the inside and it’s now a national museum.

While my wife was engrossed with all the historical displays in the castle, I sneaked out to take a walk around the island, knowing that the sun would be setting in a short time.

There are two things which I have always liked watching; yachts and castles. Here at Trakai, the two just came together, in a delightful and picturesque manner.

I walked around the island; couldn’t help admiring at the scene as they entered my very eyes. It was just breath-taking. The sky was blue, the water turquoise , a yacht with yellow sail gliding past in front of a neo Renaissance building.

I knew I couldn’t stay too long loitering around, leaving my wife in the castle. So I hurried back to the castle.

Under the light from the setting sun, it was a very pretty and very interesting castle and stepping inside, it was very warm and cosy . . . . . . . . . . . not knowing what time it was , my wife was still engrossed with the historical displays!