Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons ( Color of Spring )

This week’s DP photo challenge is Seasons.

Yellow is my favorite color for ushering in Spring.CIMG3088

It signifies hope and live.

The top photo was taken when we were on our way in Luoping, Yunnan in China.DSCF2766

The second photo, which I reckon is more beautiful, was taken in XiangShan, Beijing in China.

The yellow chrysanthemum were more randomly arranged, they were dancing to welcome Spring!DSCF3146

Lastly, but not the least, the photo of Canola or Rapeseed flowers were taken in Luoping, China in early Spring.


The Light that Shines through the Ginkgo Leaves

I was thinking of drafting a post on the Trees and Roots on the Milford Track; but on going through my archive, I found this picture which I thought should be uploaded now.DSCF2555B

The light was shining through the foliage, when we visited the HongLuo Temple in the outskirts of Beijing a couple of years ago.

I have seen many ginkgo trees before but this one was at its best with the light shining through, making the leaves more or less translucent.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (Boats)

<This posts consists of 2 photos>

I am late for this theme but still want to submit another entry.

Not sure which photo to post first.

Both photos were taken when we walked the Plover Cove Dam in Tai Po, Hong Kong.CIMG3376

The first is a close up, in darker light. CIMG1797

The second one gives a lot more about the background. It was taken in a cove where pleasure boats will anchor and where rowing boats are on hire.

In any case,  I like the rowing boats and the yellow color, they seem to be uplifting and give a feel of freedom!

Yellow Monday (1)

In Thailand, there is a color associated with each day of the week:

Monday = Yellow
Tuesday = Pink
Wednesday = Green
Thursday = Orange
Friday = Blue
Saturday = Purple
Sunday = Red

On Monday, many of the Thais dress in yellow, the day of the week on which their king was born, to show respect for him.DSCF3132

After the recent trip to Luoping, Yunnan in China, I am overwhelmed with yellow . . . . I have so many photos showing the yellow canola or rapeseed flowers all over the place. Should I showcase them . . . . . . . . on each Monday??